Ayurvedic massages

1_ayurveda_evThe body’s language, health and well-being within arm’s reach.

Massage techniques are traditional and popular in Asia and in India in particular and have become increasingly popular worldwide. One of the most well-known massage techniques stems from the Indian traditional science of Ayurveda. This health and healing discipline views the body as a whole and teaches us how to find equilibrium in our physical, vital, psychic and spiritual energies.

2_landing_massagesBy facilitating the flow of energies massages aim at preventing mood (dosha*) imbalances and finding inner peace.


Ayurvedic massages are deeply relaxing and usually use hot oil directly on the skin. This allows for deep tissue nourishment, detoxification and revitalization. Relaxation is facilitated by alternating rhythms and pressures as well as deep breathing. The Bois Saint Mard domain offers an initiation to this preventive health practice.

 Some of our massages…

 Classics :

 Abhyanga massage

3_AbhyangaA global and holistic massage that harmonizes both body and spirit as well as the emotional well-being. From the words abhy (all) and anga (limbs or body), the Abhyanga massage is perfect to balance your moods (doshas*) and uses ayurvedic oils. It also strengthens your vitality.


Result : This massage stimulates the skin, muscles, blood and lymph flow. It relaxes the nervous system and fortifies the lungs and heart. It also promotes improved digestion.


 Kansu bowl massage

4_bol_kansuFoot massage using a bowl made of an alloy of 5 metals and ghee (clarified butter). Recommended for the soothing of the fire element (pitta).

Result : Soothes anger, nervousness and gives energy to people feeling tired. Very effective against insomnia due to its deep relaxing effect.


 Back massage

6_dosRecommended as an initiation to massages.

Result: Releases physical and emotional stresses and lends the back a feeling of lightness and freedom.


 The 7 postures massage

7_Ayurveda_humorsAn energetic massage based on yoga breathing techniques. Each posture results in a different form of breathing, i.e. with more or less intensity.


Result: The postures are a fundamental part of indian massages and help balance out ones energies.

(*) One’s constitution is acquired at birth and remains constant throughout one’s life. Each person is constituted of 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) which are based on combinations of the 5 elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth) and represent three types of personalities. The imbalance of our doshas during our life can lead to health or well-being issues. According to Ayurveda several actions are possible to bring equilibrium back to our constitution and massages are one of them.

Specifics : motherhood and babiesventre rond

Ayurveda offers different types of massages for the very important period of a woman’s life that is motherhood.

 Preconception massage

Ayurveda recommends to start massages 12 months prior to birth, much like a gardener tills the soil before sowing. Part of this technique includes a time for preparation and awareness.

Result : This preconception massage can prepare for motherhood or fatherhood. This massage will help to physically and psychically be ready to make room for someone new and encourages a welcoming atmosphere.


 Prenatal massage

In India it is said that one can talk to the fetus through touch, through speech one can touch the child in the womb. It is important to dialog with the fetus through massage and speech. The massage technique changes with the mother’s and the fetus’ evolution throughout the pregnancy.

Result : These massages produce a feeling of relaxation to the mother and the child.


Postnatal massage

Very important for the rebalancing of energies and forces. It combines softness and deep relaxation.

Result: The aim of this massage is to remove everything superfluous before it accumulates as a toxin. It also helps a new mother through the “baby blues” period.


Baby massage

8_kurenThe massage starts 28 days at least after birth. The mother’s prenatal massages having paved the way this massage allows the baby to become aware of his body. It is also a time for mutual welcoming and discovering for parent and child. The hands of the father or mother draw the contours of the child’s body, reassure him in his new infinite environment.

Result : The baby’s relaxation through tactile simulation will also lead to an awakening of his sense of touch and a good development of his immune, digestive and respiratory systems.


And more…

4 hands massage

9_massage-4mains-pichauliThe 4 hands massages last half a day and alternate between massages, rest periods and other health treatments. They are only done as part of a mini-cure. They will be available in the “news” menu under the “and more…” tab.


Swedana therapy

Swedana therapy is a traditional ayurvedic treatment that uses medicinal oils and herbs. The oils are used hot and allows for an efficient penetration of the oils’ and herbs’ active ingredients.

Result : This treatment is used for joint pain. It helps alleviate inflammation, activates blood and lymph flow and reduces the intensity of stress.

This treatment is by appointment only.


The « Bois Saint Mard domain » offers a peaceful environment and a team of dedicated and experienced therapists who will introduce you to the benefits of these traditional Indian techniques done with the complete respect of your body in mind.

One of the very first benefits of a stay at our domain is to have time for meditation and finding yourself. These moments are crucial for the equilibrium of one’s health and a harmonious life.

Depending on the type of massage, the treatments vary in time from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

The oils used on our premises are guaranteed organic (sesame, therapeutic or ayurvedic oils).

The following recommendations will ensure your massage experience is the best possible: try not be over excited or nervous, do not have a large meal before your massage, plan some down-time and rest following your treatment.  


Please note that the “Bois Saint Mard domain” health treatments and massages should in no way be considered a substitute for a medical treatment or the advice of a medical doctor.

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