Reception room

sdr_ext_devWe have converted an XVIIIth century building into a reception area with a 100 people capacity. Its exposed structural beams and its ancient stones lends it an authentic aura. This large luminous room will make you feel at ease and opens on a terrace and landscaped gardens at your disposal.

This space can be fitted to your needs.




Family vacation : If you’d like to organize a family vacation our facilites can accomodate up to 20 people and we’ll make you feel right at home.

Event organization : Our facilities and our location are perfect for weddings, baptisms or birthdays. The space and quiet guarantee an enjoyable time for all.

Relaxation and meditation : Our facilities are also very convenient for a business event or for a time of peace and meditation. The quiet and peace afforded by our location are perfect to break out of the everyday bustle. Pleasure and creativity will be at hand.

Doing it together : Grassroot organizations can also benefit from our peaceful environment and organize meetings between their members or teams for a fruitful event. The main room can be used for different activities at any time of the year. The surrounding nature will allow each and every one the chance to relax and recharge their batteries.


Capacity    100 people (seated).
Wheelchair accessible.

Equipment :
sdr_cuisineThe reception hall is equipped with a catering area that is ideal for organizing and heating up the meals. The hall also includes bathrooms, a cloakroom as well as a direct-access floor-level parking area.




Garden :
IMG_0026_DxO (1024x683)The garden is at the disposal of the guests and is surrounded by a wall ensuring the privacy of the party and the safety of the children.

A parking area is available in the gardens to facilitate its supervision.



Lodging :
1Chambre_taupe_300Lodging is available for 17 to 20 people. A bed-and-breakfast and guesthouses are located on-site. Booking of these rooms must be done at the time of booking of the reception area.




Rates :

The rates are designed to allow the most people to be able to afford and enjoy the site. These do not include catering and hotel services.


Individuals :

Saturday 14H to Sunday 19H :     2350€ including taxes

Saturday 14H to Sunday 08H:     1950€ including taxes

Saturday from  14H  to 01H :        1350€ including taxes

Saturday from     11H to 19H :        750€ including taxes

Friday night from 18H to midnight     500€ including taxes

Private companies and associations :

The rates for private companies or for associations’ daily meetings are given upon request as they depend on the use of the facilities.

Terms and conditions:

Reservation of the reception area is valid upon reception of the 30% down-payment and a deposit check of 2000€. The deposit check will not be cashed and will be returned to you following departure inventory.

The down-payment check will be definitely cashed in 4 months prior to the chosen date.

Any cancellation on the client’s part will result in a 150€ filing fee.

Any cancellation on the renter’s part will result in the complete refund of the down-payment and deposit check.

Every rental will require the signing of a rental agreement contract between the two parties prior to the use of the reception area.

Availability and booking :

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