Bed and breakfast

The XVIIIth century castles service quarters have been converted into guesthouses. This long building is located a hundred meters from the castle itself. A south-facing long hallway leads to the different rooms and shields them from the summer heat. the rooms face out to the gardens and trees insuring a peaceful stay.

The total capacity of the guesthouses and B&B is of 17 to 19 people which offers a good lodging opportunity for your guests if you were to use the reception room.


The guesthouses

 Les millepertuis :

millepertuis_chambre_1This room offers a nice view onto the landscaped gardens. Large 180 cm double bed or two singles, bathroom (shower, toilets) for full comfort.

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Les papillons :

les_papillons_chambre_1Similar to the Millepertuis room nature is at your window. The accommodations include a large 180cm double bed or two singles as well as a bathroom (shower, toilets).

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 Les martins pêcheurs :

les_martins pêcheursA turquoise blue room with a double 140cm bed. The bathroom (bathtub, shower and toilets) is accessible through the hallway.

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Les tilleuls :

les_tilleuls_2A large room able to accommodate up to 4 people. The en-suite bathroom (bathtub, shower and toilets) is shared with a second room.

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Les cerisiers :

les cerisiersWith a view over the gardens the room includes a large 180cm double bed or two 90cm singles. Warm and luminous colors.

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 Rates :

Les  Millepertuis : 65€

Les Papillons : 65€

Les Martin Pêcheur : 55€

Les Cerisiers : 55€

Les tilleuls : 55€

 Additional bed 12€ / per night

Breakfast included